Spirit flight over 2


Sixteen-year-old Alana is haunted by the events of the day her parents were killed in a car crash. Heartbroken, she is sent to live on her Aunt Martha’s ranch in Texas. She sees nothing ahead of her other than a life stricken by grief and things that will never come to be. But when her aunt gifts her a magical sapphire amulet that has been in the family for generations, everything in Alana’s world is about to change.

Propelled into a land plagued with mythical creatures, Alana—broken and lost—faces fear and fights. When fate knocks, she must make an impossible choice—stop a wicked parallel universe from ruling Earth, or send a loved one into a fiery inferno.



The Magic Game Cover


Thirteen-year-old Adelina wants nothing more than to escape the curse The Prince of Darkness cast over her village, and to find her missing parents.

One day while traveling through the dark woods, she discovers the border that keeps her and all the villagers of Dimshire in, and all the outsiders out. Trapped under a dome devoid of color, magic, and sun, she vows to one day break down the borders.

Then THE MAGIC GAME arrives in Dimshire, turning the cursed town into a spectacular circus. Before the game ends in five days, Adelina must decide if using magic to save the town is worth the risk of disappearing like her parents.

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Tracing Scars Cover


Samantha Stone desperately needs to rid herself of guilt, and she fears she’ll die trying.

Faced with the fast ticking clock of her mortality, Samantha tracks down her first love, Mack, after twenty years to pay off her guilt for her involvement in a tragedy that tore them apart.

The story flashes back to their college years and their crazy experiences, including mysterious unsolved pranks, Mack’s gambling addiction, Samantha’s lack of commitment, their lapses in judgement, and the events leading up to the night of the tragedy—a tragedy that changes the course of their lives and one in which they believe they can never recover from.

Afraid Mack will turn her away again after all these years, Samantha gathers up her courage and finds him in his Chicago bar to come clean about the undeserved life she’s lived since the accident and bequeath to him a significant gift while there’s still time.

In a twist, over the years, both Samantha and Mack have been confiding their deepest desires to the same person. She’s ready to speak up and what she has to say will change their lives again.